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Welcome to the Radio Western Volunteer Portal

Use this portal to sign up for training!

If you are a new member, please sign-up for one of the Radio Western 100 Intro Sessions. Additional training sessions can be found under the TRAINING tab, listed above. 

Not a Volunteer Yet? - Sign up for an Intro Session Here!

Upcoming Volunteer Training Sessions

Studio Booking

News Room - News and Sports Staff and Volunteers have priority from 8 AM - 6 PM M-F

Studio B - Book for Editing, Spoken Word, Production, Video Editing and Prerecording

To check availability and book a time, email Pam at programdirector@radiowestern.ca for News & B

Tech Room - Book for Mock Shows, Editing, non-critical Production & Recording

Production Room - Book for LTAs, Special Projects, Mixing, Editing & Recording 

To check availability and book a time, email Adam at production@radiowestern.ca for Tech & Prod

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