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Policies & Procedures

Here you will find Radio Western forms, applications and helpful docs.  If you can't find something you think should be here, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.  


News Room - Used to book the computer for phone interviews or prerecords. News has priority from 9-5, Monday to Friday but the room can be booked depending on what is scheduled for news. 

Tech Room - book for mock shows, prerecords, recording show IDs, and promos

Production Room - use for LTAs, special projects, recordings, ect. Must be confirmed with Production Coordinator Adam. Email him for access to this schedule.

To check availability and book a time, email Adam at

Important Policy & Procedural Information

CHRW Policy & Procedure Manual - This is our full Policy and Procedures Manual. Please refer to it if you have any questions about your requirements as a volunteer. Below you will find a few links to significant sections, but you should be familiar with the entire document.

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilties

Absenteeism Policy - UPDATED JUNE 2015

Steps you must take in the event of an absent host

Extended absence policy - UPDATED JUNE 2015

Grievance and Resolution Policy & Procedure

CRTC Regulations - The Law & What Can Be Said On-Air

Example of Properly Filled out Playsheet

Example of Program Log Sheet

New Show Application

Volunteer Agreement - If you want to volunteer with CHRW, you must agree to this document

CHRW Promotion Proforma

Warning Documentation


Radio Production Training Guide

Live-to-Air Production Guide

Music Production Recording Basics - A collection of "one-page" basics for vocals, keyboard, acoustic guitar, etc.

ProTools Key Commands - Shortcuts for ProTools

Production Studio Basics - INCOMPLETE

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